Licenses and Dolgellau Angling Association rules 2020.

The pricing structure of our permits is very straightforward.


Full Season Senior        £95.00 
Season School Children 17 years and Under   £10.00
Day Permits (rivers and lake)   £20.00 
Llyn Cynwch Day Permit (bag limit of 3 fish per day)    £15.00 


These are available from the following but can also be obtained directly from our secretary Mr Gavin Jones (address below).  Please include a stamped addressed envelope together with a cheque made out to Dolgellau Angling Association for the appropriate amount.  If you need any further information please email us.

Mr Gavin Jones (Secretary)
Dolgellau Angling Association
Bank View
South Street
Wales, UK
LL40 1NE.
Tel: 07825 180111

The following outlets sell our permits  for both Local members and associate members in Dolgellau


James - Siop y Cymro,

Newsagent at the top of the main

Square in Dolgellau.

       Tel: 01341 422814 

Mile End Garage,

Near Little Chef on the A470

(open until 8:30pm) 

  Tel: 01341 422824 
Siop Ty Ni, Bridge Street, Dolgellau.    


Our seasons:

Llyn Cynwch - opens 1st March - closes 31st October.

Our Rivers - Mawddach and Wnion

Sea trout - 20th March - 14th April - fly and spin only. 15th April - 7th October - any legal method. 8th October - 17th October - fly and spin only - 2012 - NEW - catch and release after the 14th September.

Salmon - 20th March - 15th June - catch and release - fly and spin only. 16th June - 7th October - any legal method. 8th October - 17th October - fly and spin only.

Rules -Please note: there are recent changes to our rules and these are in italics.

  1. Permits whether season or weekly are not transferable and must be produced when asked for by any member of the Association or anyone acting on their behalf.
  2. Members and permit holders are particularly warned against doing any damage to growing crops, fences and other property. They are also requested to close all gates and not take their dogs on the land.
  3. All trout under 10" and sea trout under 12" must be returned to the water unharmed or with as little injury as possible.
  4. No person shall use a rod & line except with natural bait or lure or fly on rivers and only for the purpose of taking fish by hooking in the mouth. All fish hooked otherwise than in the mouth shall be returned to the water with as little injury as possible. You are allowed to use maggot with fly (not on bare hook) on our rivers only during the hours of darkness and a maximum of two maggots tipped on one fly. No worm fishing is allowed at night on any river controlled by us.
  5. Any member or permit holder convicted of an offence of the fishing laws or who infringes any rules of the Association shall forfeit his membership or permit.
  6. No fishing after dark on the Reed Pool. Only fly fishing allowed at night on all rivers including High Bank.
  7. There are two low water markers, one below the Green Bridge and below Bontywernddu Bridge. When the water is on or below these white markers no worm fishing is allowed on this section at all during daylight hours only and not at night.
  8. No power bait or any such fish attractant to be used on any river or lake controlled by our Association. If found using such materials in any way or form you will be automatically be banned.
  9. The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held on the fourth Friday in January each year. No ground baiting nor loose feeding allowed.
  10. Llyn Cynwch - No fishing allowed on this lake before 8 a.m. nor later than time on clock in car park. Bag limit: 3 fish. No spinning, ground baiting or loose feeding. Fishing method only fly, worm and maggots. Catch and release allowed if you are fly fishing (not bait) on Llyn Cynwch - however you can keep the first three fish and then catch and release, if you intend to fish catch and release you must use barbless hooks.
  11. Night fishing on the Junction Pool - where the Wnion and Mawddach join - Appertaining to fishing on the Junction Pool - no angler shall cut in front of another when fishing a pool unless agreed with each other. Each angler shall take his/her turn in order of arrival and must move at least one step downstream after each cast keeping a distance of at least 10 yards between each person. This means that if more than one person is fishing, you should follow through and under no circumstances stay in one spot. You cannot 'book' a spot to fish for the whole night. If done properly, everyone should have an equal chance of fishing this beautiful and productive pool.
  14. No fishing allowed above Dolgamedd Viaduct after 30th September .
  15. Fish caught in our waters, river or lake, shall not be sold (this applies now across England and Wales to all waters).

Note - It is necessary to hold an Environment Agency Fishing Licence in addition to an Association Permit before fishing the Association waters. River bailiffs regularly check licences and you should always have your licences with you. It is a criminal offence not to have your rod licence with you! You must adhere to the E. A. byelaws and a copy of these can be obtained by writing to, phoning them, or downloading details . No excuse now! We strongly advise anyone fishing our waters to be familiar with these byelaws. They differ from other areas of the country.